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Google vs Facebook. How Google could Dominate Facebook

Google vs. Facebook – How Google could dominate Facebook |-Google can provide social users in key earner-income demographics
an untapped wealth of information right under their feet! Here’s how.

1) Leverage Google Street View assets by shooting memorial parks, headstones, crypts, markers, etc. (Many parks have client software, which could also be used for data integration. Digital data companies operate in this space. See Legacymark.com.

2) Make this new application accessible only through Google Plus or via a Google user account login.

Google vs Facebook, how Google could dominate Facebook
Leverage Google Street View

3) Let people tag these images as well.

Google vs Facebook, how Google could dominate Facebook
Let people tag these images as well.

5) Give a cool name like ‘Google Generations’. (Just a thought)

6) Let people use this to make connections like Ancestry.com or memorial websites (but better!)

7) Now, Google can have ‘Google Ancestor Circles’ and make connections to others. Users can use this feature to do some quasi-genealogy.

8) On an off-note or more playful use… maybe allow users to create a virtual headstone with their name and epitaph over any image they want (Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Route 66…)

Google vs. Facebook – by Rick Vidallon ~ posted, conceived July 1, 2009.


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