Web Browsers Effecting Your Search Engine Ranking

Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website

Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website. Chrome now marks all HTTP sites as “Not secure”. This is all part of the Google initiative to make the Web a safer place to visit. That’s the last thing you want your website visitors to see. If a person or potential custom views your website as […]

Browsers and Computer Screens

Visual differences seen on browsers and computer screens Browsers and Computer Screens | Websites can look different on machines and devices for different reasons. For example have you ever noticed that your website looks different depending on where and how you are viewing? Here are the reasons why this occurs. Browser types 1) The type of browser […]

Submit to Yahoo! Redirected to BING

Submit to Yahoo! Redirected to BING – Watch what happens when you attempt to submit a URL or website to YAHOO!. It would seems that VERIZON’s only interest were YAHOO! users. Everything else that was part of YAHOO! was tossed in the bargain bin. About VISIONEFX DESIGN We are a professional Virginia web design company […]

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