Is WIX a good website builder

Is WIX a good website builder? | WIX offers DIY, Do It Yourself website templates also known as a website builder. It provides drag and drop tools for building websites. WIX is for beginners who are looking for a low budget solution for getting a website online. If you have design skills then you can … Continue reading Is WIX a good website builder

Average cost for a website

Average cost for a website | Recent polling in the U.S. estimates average cost for a small business website $3000 to $6000. Cost for a small business website with custom database development at $6000 to $15000 and up. These costs are associated with professional website designers who have a client base of around 50 to … Continue reading Average cost for a website

How do I start a website?

How do I start a website? | There are many ways you can start a website. The type of website software or website service you use depends on the type of website you plan on. Below are the first steps you should take. 1. Step 1: Obtain a domain name that you own and control. … Continue reading How do I start a website?

Inexpensive Web Site Templates

Are Inexpensive Web Site Templates Worth The Cost? You Get What You Pay For So you took the bait and signed up for your first hosting plan that includes a Web site. Your newly acquired hosting plan probably has a programmed plug-and-play template system. This system has been designed with the novice user in mind. … Continue reading Inexpensive Web Site Templates

Free Website Builders

Build your own web site businesses want to help you build your small business web site Before you sign up for your free website , here’s what you need to know. Now that those thick yellow colored directories have gone the way of the buggy whip smart business owners know not to cut corners when it … Continue reading Free Website Builders

Redesign your website

A well thought-out web design plan will result in a long-term successful and meaningful website for your business. The purpose of this article is to help you ask the right questions when you are building a new website or redesigning your current website. All webmasters and web design companies are not created equal. Knowing the … Continue reading Redesign your website

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