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Before you sign up for your free website , here’s what you need to know. Now that those thick yellow colored directories have gone the way of the buggy whip smart business owners know not to cut corners when it comes to their web site. However in today’s economy, the first place a small business owner looks to save money is the upstart cost of their new web site!

This is a huge mistake.

In a recent 2013 Forbes article titled ‘The Rise of the Million Dollar One-Person Business’, the article mentions that the Internet gives mom and pop shops a global reach and is expected to grow – with many small companies breaking the million dollar mark. Let’s forget about the million dollars; generating up to $10,000 a month in many small businesses would do just fine. And is quite common for any small business web site to generate enough online leads to make a return on investment for the cost out lay of a professional level web site that gets found on Google.

Enter the barbarians

DIY or Free Website builders are running commercials on popular broadcast channels. They are very slick, well produced advertising spots complete with animation, actors and music. These Do It Yourself website builders systems are great if you want to have a web site fast and cheap.

DIY web site builder systems have two goals in common:

1) They want to amass as many monthly contracts as possible.
2) And after a trial period you must give them a credit card to;
a. Continue the service or continue to pay monthly.
b. Remove their company link or advertising shown on your site.

Some companies will let you keep the website live free of charge for an indefinite or finite period of time, though the domain name or URL will contain their company name as part of the web address.

Do-It-Yourself web site builders offer lots of pointless promises

Big box shops have no local investment in you or your company. Instead they lure unsuspecting businesses who have no idea about how a web site works or gets found in Google, Yahoo and Bing with promises of online success. Their commercials declare; ‘We will submit your web site to major search engines and and even help you build you a Face Bookpage’.

Point of order and truth

1) Google, Yahoo and Bing will find your web site – period. No one needs to submit you to search engines.
2) Never let anyone other than yourself set up a listing on a social network or business listing web site – period.


The website does not belong to you. And even if they gave you the files, they are proprietary template files and therefore useless. Don’t be a web tenant. Own your website.

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