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Fine Tune Your Web site. User Experience = Visits + Loyalty

Design Successful Websites | Online users and online consumers are doubtful to purchase from, or even return to, a website after encountering errors or issues. In otherwords, a ‘user’s online experience affects the success of your website. Specifically, this is the first rule of web page design 101.

The Internet has developed to the point where consumers demand an easy online experience. Moreover, consumers are warning companies, ‘You’re going to lose business if your website experience is frustrating.

Consumers Say Informational Pop-ups Are Frustrating and Annoying

Incorporate prominent news, press, and announcements blocks on your website instead. If you have a newsletter or email list, your announcement belongs there, not in a pop-up. In otherwords, avoid providing too much information overload.

Users Do Not Like To Accept Cookies

People do not like to click to allow or accept cookies. Therefore avoid having customer tracking codes on your website.

Dead Links Are Frustrating

Subscribe to a link checking service. Not only do people hate dead links, search engines absolutely hate them. Link Sleuth is a great freeware program that does extensive link checking.

Confusing Navigation Is Bad Practice

Your website should read like a book. For example, a book has a title, table of contents, chapters, and content. Organize your website. Do not bury your links or create artsy icons. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Required Registration Cause Negative Reactions

Unless you offer the ‘cure for the common cold,’ you should always give people the option to do this. For example, many eCommerce sites allow you to shop, browse or buy without sign-up or login, whereas others require registration.

Slow-Loading Pages Are Frustrating Or Extremely Annoying.

I stopped optimizing for dial-up a long time ago, BUT I always develop graphics and page coding for the lowest possible page weight. Users say ineffective site-search tools are frustrating or extremely annoying. The common rule of thumb is to determine if a site search is necessary to locate data, images, or products within the website. When search logic is tied to a database can be extremely effective.


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