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Freelance Web Designer vs Web Design Company

Freelance web designer or programmer may cost you more than you bargained for.

There are web designers offering terrific prices that are irresistible on many online websites at a online meeting place where businesses post projects and freelancers bid on them. It’s a nice way to save a buck, but remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t forget that freelance is another word for part-timer. This is usually a college student or a designer who already has a full-time job. If the freelancer fails to deliver on a promise or expectation then it’s your problem not theirs, after all its a” part time” commitment.

When choosing a web designer to develop your web site, ask yourself a few questions.

Will your programmer leave you holding the bag if your website gets infected by hackers or spammers?
Are they providing on-going website maintenance, or will you have to wait forever for website fixes?
Can a part-timer stay on top of the latest news or changes regarding search engines ?
Do freelancer’s need to protect his or her business reputation with the same vigilance of a business owner?
Does a part-timer have the resources to hire additional designers or programmers for your project?
How about, can they provide solid references or a solid reputation?
And what if, they don’t adequately protect their own computers. Your website files can be infected when they upload to your web hosting.


Most likely your decision will be based on budget if you are considering a freelance person so take some extra steps to protect yourself before you start the project.

You might save a little money here and there but you will end up with a real birds nest of a website. There are many talented folks with great programming skills. Problem is there is no documentation or safety controls in place to make sure you don’t get burned along the way.


Freelance Programmer = Part-time Programmer
Here are some important questions you should ask yourself:
If you hire someone to work on your e-commerce website; is your customers data going to be safe on someone else’s laptop or computer?
Can you give a programmer access to web hosting server; and your absolutely sure they are not going to become the conduit for malware or viruses.
Will your programmer be around when your application stops working or develops bugs?
If your programming code has been stolen, or code snippets have been used without permission will you have legal recourse. Programming code can be copy-protected or even patented.
And if  your programmer is not available to make changes or enhancements, have they provided you sufficient white paper documentation?

To avoid this you should hire a company that will be around to support you and your business long after your website has launched.

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