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Resolve DNS Cache on Computer

Resolve DNS Cache on Computer

If you have changed your website hosting this involves moving or migrating your website files to a new hosting location. If you are planning on retaining your domain name (URL) then the next step is point your domain name to your new hosting.

Sometimes this happens within hours or days (24 hours to 72 hours) While you are waiting there is a quick way for you to see if your domain name has been successfully pointed to your new hosting I. P. address.

1) First open a command prompt on your computer. – see illustrations below. Click the lower left Windows icon or START button and a box will open.

2) Next type in all lower or upper case letters: cmd or CMD. Either one is fine. This will open a Command Prompt.


3) Below is the Command Prompt box. Next you will type the following:
ping (Make sure there is a space between ‘ping’ and the ‘domain name’.


4) Below I have pinged one of my domain names ‘’. See results below.


5) Below you will see the IP address that my domain name is pointing to. You may confirm with your hosting company that it is pointing or pinging the correct IP address. That’s it!


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