How to Select a Quality Domain Name

How to Select a Quality Domain Name

A domain should be easy to say, easy to spell and easy to remember

Your domain name can reflect what your web site and business is all about, so if you are a remodeling expert you might select a domain name that best describes your business such as (

Select a domain name that will easy to remember, so that potential customers may easily recall your website domain name; your website address!

Select a well-known domain extension
There are many new domain extensions available, but .com (dotcom) is still the best choice. When typing a web address most people will defer to

Avoid using numbers
Avoid using numbers within your domain name. Only use numbers when is part of your branding or business name

Avoid using Dashes and Underscores
Avoid using Dashes and Underscores in Your Domain Name unless there is no other choice.

Avoid using abbreviations
Well-known companies such as CNN can get away with using abbreviations. But as a small business people are going to be clueless when they see your abbreviated name in the search engine results.

Avoid long domain names
Keep your domain name as short as possible. The longer the domain name the harder it is to remember and the more apt your potential visitors are to make a mistake when searching for your business online.

Create a list of a 10 or more domain name favorites and with a little luck, one of the domain names on your list will be available. Take your time and select a quality domain name that will grow with your business.

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