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Verizon Yahoo Domain Indentured Servitude

Sadly there is no passage to the New World for Yahoo or Verizon customers, but the feeling of being trapped should feel familiar to both.

1. Trying To Leave Yahoo

Verizon, Yahoo, Domain Indentured Servitude | A website client needed to migrate a 10 year old Yahoo hosting website to another hosting company. She gave me the login information to her shiny new Yahoo customer dash board. After I logging in, I found that the admin. looked like Windows 3.1. and was a closed hosting eco-system similar to Wix, Webby or Square Space having tightly controlled website hosting that limit customization.

2. Trying To Point Domain Name

Verizon, Yahoo, Domain Indentured Servitude | Not to worry! All we need to do is point her quality domain name to a new customer-centric hosting platform where she would have complete control. After all, her two most important digital assets were her ‘Domain name’ and her ‘Yahoo email address’.
The website can always be redesigned on a new hosting platform, so a departure from Yahoo was no big deal. Right?

YIKES. Guess what. If you point your Yahoo registered domain name to another hosting company, you lose your Yahoo email. Yahoo DOES NOT allow you to modified any part of your DNS (Domain name services) records.

Say whaaaat? If you are like the millions of other loyal Yahoo email account holders this can be truly upsetting. – To borrow a phrase from the old Verizon advertising campaign; ‘Can you hear me know?’

Find Yourself In A Similar Situation?

If you find yourself in this similar situation, we suggest the following steps. Get yourself an email hosting plan that you control and include it in your email signature that you send to friends and customers. For example: ‘Please make a note of our new email here.’. Then next login to your Yahoo email account and set up a forward to your new email address.

NOTE: If you have any online listings that contain your Yahoo email, then change these email links as well.

Find A Reputable Hosting Company

Obtain a domain name that is similar to your Yahoo registered/ hosted domain name. Next create your new website under this temporary domain name.  For example let’s say your Yahoo registered domain name is ‘Best’. Then register a new domain as or (.us .biz .info .us and so on…) Next wait until your new site is live under the temporary domain name for 30 days or more. Then submit a domain transfer request to have your domain name removed from the Yahoo death grip. Move to a new domain registrar such as Go Daddy or other reputable company.

Do not forget to forward any important email you want to keep from Yahoo email to your new email provider. Once you have transferred your domain name you will no longer have access to your Yahoo email account.

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