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Remember when the internet was still in its infancy? Then quickly it went from crawling to a brisk walk into all of our lives. These were the days when getting a website was a luxury and about as cool as it gets. Not all of your competitors had websites so you zipped along getting business and being in the know of all things internet. Going through the internet adolescents was fun and exciting as search engines expanded and information came pouring in as fast as we could click an image or link. But like any adolescent the bigger it got the more it needed.

Google Rank Brain

And now this kid called the internet has matured. It’s an ever expanding grown up that doesn’t need adult supervision any longer (hence Rank Brain). It’s swelling with information and people jumping in to compete alongside of, well all of us. And what is the big take away? Don’t ever get comfortable with the status quo.

If you are looking for a certainty then the best way to create that is keeping your websites updated and in great shape with maintenance. And if you need a redesign to make your website responsive and mobile friendly now more than ever is the time to do that. One thing is for certain the more information Google gets, the more it wants. Solid relevant updated and new content. And it wants it in pristine condition too because it will quickly pass over the old, broken and mediocre. It will archive the past and go looking for the now and even the future.

If Google has taught us anything it’s to always think new, what’s new and what’s not relevant this time next year when the next modification rolls out. Updating your website content, online marketing strategies and website maintenance are how to maintain your competitive edge. Treat the investment you’ve made in your domain and website with care. The one thing that will never change is that as your domain ages it gains rank authority by virtue of age. Combining age, good maintenance and fresh readable content is a win-win.

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