Web Browsers Effecting Your Search Engine Ranking

How To Clear Your Browser Cache

Clear browser cache for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

How To Clear Your Browser Cache – Keeping your browser cache clean helps your web pages load faster and helps with your search engine analysis. This is because your browser remembers the links you click in a search; so if you search this term again you will get skewed results. The cached links you visit in search results will be a different color. (This is how you can tell if your search results are cached in your browser). In some cases where a website is displaying improperly or slow to load; you can try doing a hard-refresh.

Here’s how to do a hard-refresh:

On a PC: Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button. Or Hold down Ctrl and press F5. You should see your browser screen refresh

On a Mac: When you are logged into Keep&Share in your browser press Command-R (hold down the “Command” key and then, while still holding it, press the “R” key on your computer’s keyboard). You should see your browser screen refresh.

Clearing Your Browser Cache in CHROME
In Google Chrome click the 3 hash marks in the under right side of your screen, then scroll down to ‘More Tools’, then select the text ‘Clear browsing data… You may also use he keyboard short cut Ctrl+Shift+Del.

Clear Your Browser Cache in Chrome
Clear Your Browser Cache FIREFOX
In Firefox click the 3 hash marks in the under right side of your screen, then scroll down to ‘Options’, then select the left tab ‘Advanced, then click the button ‘Clear Now’.

Clear Your Browser Cache INTERNET EXPLORER
In Internet Explorer click the Gear Icon in the under right side of your screen, then scroll down to ‘Internet options’, then select the tab ‘Delete’.
Clear Browser Cache- i Internet Explorer

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