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Database Coding Services

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Database Coding Services | VISIONEFX develops a custom database using MySQL databases and SQL ASPX .NET Programming.

Moreover, if you have a legacy database, we can rebuild that, too! For example, we have extracted data from older DB systems such as Fox Pro, Visual Basic, Access DB, etc. Furthermore, we can combine data from multiple sources such as Oracle, PDFs, Excel, CSV, HTML, etc.


Statistical Data Modeling Applications | Custom web applications can take many forms. For example, custom web applications can measure healthcare, medical, financial, educational, and scientific data. Another example includes scientific visualization. Visualizations include vulnerability assessments and operational risk management.

Loan Application software for websites | Visionefx creates online loan applications for financial companies. We have developed many components for online loan applications that help finance companies do business on the Web.

Parts Management Software | VISIONEFX develops database management for dealerships, software auto part orders, fleet vehicle parts ordering, and online inventory management.

Inventory Database Applications | Virginia Imports, a website designed for food suppliers and importers, requires a custom plugin to handle daily imports and overwrite detailed product records. Also, see Customizing Word Press Plugins.


The advantages of owning your software are numerous. However, people often want a website with all the bells and whistles of a 3rd party template system. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of software ownership.

1. CUSTOMIZATION – You can customize any level in a custom option. In the 3rd party application, you must work within the existing framework. Any future customization must be within this framework boundary, hence unforeseen limitations.

2. UPGRADES – There is NO problem with version upgrades as you and your web developer control and adhere to the original codebase. When a 3rd party application upgrades, you may * lose customization performed as changes in the code structure, class methods, and database are possible.

3. SECURITY – You can add more security and performance tuning layers in the custom option when the application grows to make handling a large user base easier when required.

4. 3RD PARTY  APPS – In a 3rd party application, you are constrained by the database and coding structure of any 3rd party application, having certain limitations for capabilities.

5. COST – Initially, the cost is higher, but future enhancements and customization costs are usually nominal. PLUS – you own the software. Want to change web hosting? – No problem. Want to sell your website? In other words, there are no 3rd party contracts or conflicts.

6. SOURCE CODE – You may request the complete source code of the application. For most 3rd party applications, you may NOT have the application’s source code; sometimes, you must pay an additional cost. In any case, the source code is usually proprietary unless it is considered an open-source code base.


VISIONEFX provides services to small business owners throughout the United States. We are experts in programming software. Furthermore, we also know WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Joomla, and many more CMS systems. We also offer expert SEO and web maintenance services. Please read what our customers have to say about VISIONEFX on Google Reviews.

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