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Do you have a Word Press web site? Need to add or modify the function of an existing plugin? Because 85% of websites online today are using some type of plugin.

However many plugins require some type of customization. Because most websites do business different ways online. For this reason plugins usually require adjustments and customization to some extent. On the other hand plugins provide some really great functionality to website. Therefore its worth the time and effort to customize when needed.

Word Press Plugins Popular Applications

Popular applications for plugins include:
Hospitality booking
Member management
Event registration
Photo, galleries and document upload plug-ins
Advanced third-party application support for:
Google Maps API
– Intuit Gateway
– Authorize.net Gateway
– Pay Pal Gateway
– USPS, UPS and Fed Ex shipping Applications
Internal banner advertising management system
Online calendar plug-ins with i-CAL export
Extensive Blog Modules
RSS feed support
Intranet or Employee Portal
Support for home page scrolling or animation
E commerce capability

It takes programming skill and know-how to modify plugins. Most importantly the VISIONEFX programming team can customize your Word Press website.

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