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Marketing Gold All Around Your Business

Leverage Seminars, Videos, Commercials For Better Web Results

Many companies have marketing gold laying around their office and hidden in their computers. These untapped assets can give you a leg up on the competition if you market them correctly. Google wants to show its users text, documents, videos, Power Points, photos and more. You can enhance your search engine results by taking advantage of this new opportunity.

Video Shows and Commercials

If you have a show, seminar, teaching session, marketing video, trade show , instructional video or webinar you should post it on video hosting Web sites. (You Tube, Vimeo and others) Tag, title and describe your video properly.

Convert Your Power Point to Video

Convert Power Point presentations to video and upload them as well.

Multiple Stores, Businesses and Locations

Companies can also leverage there multiple locations. Google allows stores, companies and businesses to register their individual locations through Google. If you have more than 10 locations, Google will let you manage these from one spreadsheet. See: Google Business Listing Tool

Photos, Images and Graphics

Google and other search engines show photos, images and graphics in their search results. The images in your Web site may start appearing in search results depending on the amount of imagery you use and its related search query. Here are some helpful hints to pass along to your webmaster.

1) Use keywords or key phrases in the image file name.
Example: <img src=”red_rubber_ball.jpg”>

2) Use the same keywords or key phrases in the ALT TAG.
Example: <ALT=”red_rubber_ball.jpg”>

3) Keep the image near the supporting content or text on the Web page.

4) Upload your images to popular photo sharing sites.

Adding videos, listings and images to your web site will give your business a competitive advantage as Universal Search grows and takes hold in all the popular search engines.

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