Do Website Grading Tools really work?

One of most widely used online website tools are so-called website graders. They are used to score certain aspects of your website. A typical web site grader scores your website on many of the following technical points. (See below)

H1, H2, H3 tags and Meta tags – yes/no
W3C and CSS compliancy – yes/no
Robots txt. and XML Sitemap- yes/no
Links to Social Networking sites – yes/no
Link in the DMOZ – yes/no
Dublin Core and Geo tags – – yes/no
ALT-tags and Title-tags – yes/no
Authoritative back links- yes/no
Blog site – yes/no
Loads fast and is Mobile friendly – yes/no
SSL or HTTPS – yes/no
Duplicate content – yes/no
Mobile friendly – – yes/no

Some website graders include; Google Site Checker, Woo Rank, and many others. Website graders are not the end-all, be-all for the success or failure of your website. These tools are meant to be a yard stick in helping you to determine the general health of your website. Website graders cannot measure ‘website design’, ‘editorial content value’, ‘creative value of photos and/or graphics’.

You might compare a website grader or ‘site checker’ to using a pressure gauge to measure and set the air pressure in your tires. (Your car might qualify on race day, but it does not guarantee you are going to win the race.)

If you have the time or expertise to increase your grader score, then by all means you should do this. Every little bit helps.

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