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Removing Negative Comments that get found in the suggest list and pages of Google search results

Many people, businesses and organizations have found themselves the victims of negative postings on complaint websites. These websites such as Rip-0F-F- Re-p0-rt, P1ss-0F-F- C0n$u-mers and others. (I have purposely typed these incorrectly so as to not give these websites or their owners ANY web reference weight by correctly spelling the domain name.)

I have been following these websites for some time now and have learned two distinct things:

1) You either love or hate them.
2) These types of websites turn the Internet into an information cesspool.

Let’s talk about point number one.

You Love Them
You might love these types of websites because they provide you an online sounding board to vent, rant or complain. These are places you write your reviews of a negative experience, product, service or company.

You Hate Them
You hate these types of websites because they’re wide open to abuse. Examples of abuse include: ex-employees or competitors hoping to steal your sales or business. Most people assume that some type of legal action is the best way to get a fraudulent posting removed. I don’t believe that. If you have a rich uncle or your father is a partner in a huge law firm you might try suing the website but it’s extremely expensive to do. As well the final decision is not going to be a clear cut victory in your favor unless you can prove damages.

We live in America. Negative speech, whether it be true or false,is protected under the constitution. This is a tradition that was exercised in newspapers and leaflets during the political campaigns going way back to  Abraham Lincoln. Today that negative speech is in the form of online postings which remain live and online indefinitely. This has led to the proliferation of reputation management companies.

Fighting the Negative Search Result
On the World Wide Web, no business wants to see a complaint website with a negative comment about them anywhere near their business website. Yikes! What do you do? You could hire an online reputation management company or learn to push back this negative review yourself. Contact VISIONEFX experts in Online Reputation Management.

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