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If you’ve seen some fluctuations or drops in your rankings this week blame it on Google. I promise it really isn’t your SEO professionals’ fault and there is probably nothing wrong with your website. The latest update that happened this week is just one of a few that will roll out this year. I began seeing the fluctuations on my SEO clients site reports this week when I pulled the daily stats. I was wondering what was going on so I checked them again later on and not only had some of the drops righted themselves but in some cases improved. Don’t forget to check desktop and mobile separately! SEO mobile search success is more important now than ever before.

What does it mean for you

Google just ran a “broad core algorithm update”, this will shuffle the deck so to speak on your page rankings. While some pages may suffer a drop others will benefit from this update. If pages dropped rank it’s probably not because there is anything wrong with them. However, if they tank in a severe drop and stay tanked then something else is going on altogether. Google said on twitter “There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content,” wrote Google’s @searchliason. I take this to mean what we all have learned about page rankings and content, if somethings changing for the worse then something needs to change.

How to stay on top

It was an interesting week with this new roll out. Looking over the ranking reports early this week during the update I saw that there were no dips on the mobile reports. I always do one report for desk top and one for mobile. The drops happened only on the desk top reports. We are always engaging in ways to improve our SEO clients rankings and these Google software updates are on-going. If your content is lacking, the stats will prove that. If you are optimized and have great content the stats will prove that too. Sign-up for Action Insights featuring SEO articles and advice.

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