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Before I get started with the must haves let me begin by saying this..Mobile search is king. And two things you need to be concerned with and that is how good is your mobile website experience and how fast does it load. Most of your clients and customers are going to see your website on their mobile phones first. They may do every interaction with you from buying to scheduling to banking to reading your articles on their phones. A great example; when I signed all of my mortgage documents on my phone while eating Pad Thai at a restaurant. If the bank website I was working with was running slow, had load issues and errors I would have clicked off and ordered sticky rice and lost all confidence in my banker.


Basic SEO at the very least is necessary to maintain your ranking. Keeping in mind that competitors are revamping their SEO weekly and even on a daily basis. Google now uses 200 ranking factors. So, first and foremost is about your website experience. Does it look great, does it load fast, can a user find their way around it easily? Better yet.. did they find you with ease online and were invited to browse your website?  What key word got them to your web site? And how are your keywords ranking? Can you use similar key wording to get more visits? Have you asked yourself when was the last time I had my SEO evaluated? It’s better to get your SEO picture now than to be scrambling to get back to page 1 from page 4 later.


Updating content is one of the crucial ranking factors so make sure its readable and not duplicating. Google Rankbrain will crawl your pages and words and what you tell it about how great you are is as important as that client or customer your trying to sell. And keeping your content fresh and current is a must. Updating new photos, adding videos, writing articles and maximizing your websites capacity for more posts and media. Also see: SEO Google Updates Again

Source Code Cleanup

Well formed code and proper use of H-Tags and ALT tags are also a major ranking factor. If your website was built even 2 or 3 years ago your probably experiencing some missed opportunities. Code updating and clean-up will potentially boost your ranking. It is complicated nowadays. I know this from personal experience because our SEO developer is cleaning up and optimizing weekly and there is always something to fix, add or adjust.  I like to adjust my meta tags too because it reads as fresh content and gives another opportunity to sell our services to a wider audience.


We review links when analyzing a clients’ web page position. In-bound links , out-bound links, broken links, and the potential for new more powerful links. This is another major key ranking factor and should not be over looked. You want a SEO professional to manage your linking because that in itself is a science. You want the high value SEO tasking done professionally and regularly to compete in today’s online market.

SEO is going to be as important to maintaining position and getting new business than ever before. I will even go as far as to say if your not optimizing your website now you will be soon so you can drive new business to your company. And you can bet your competitors are optimizing. Most businesses understand that their web marketing value is in website optimization.

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