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Create Multiple Google My Business Listings

Create Multiple Google My Business Listings for Your Professional Business

If you are a professionally licensed business person, medical professional or licensed consultant operating out of one or more business locations having a physical address, you can have your own professional Google My Business Listing.

Who Does This Apply To?

This would include law firms, healthcare providers (doctors, therapists, dentists) and so on. Case in point; if you were a medical professional working at a healthcare facility, you could have your own Google My Business listing as long as it reflects your working address. (See the 2 screenshots below)

GMB Facility Address

In this 1st image we see the Google My Business listing for Sentara Family Health Care Virginia Beach.

GMB Facility Address

GMB Physician Address

The 2nd image is Google My Business listing for one of the physicians working at the same Sentara location.

MB Physician Address

There are many different businesses that can augment their Google My Business listing as follows; A medical specialty practice such as Gastroenterology, Neurologist, Asthma and Allergy and hundreds more.

Many therapists and counselors are contracted under a single healthcare service. If they operate out of that office then each licensed therapist could have their own listing as long as it lists the address of the physical office where they are working.

Manage Multiple GMB Listings In Once Place

You can manage multiple listings under one roof in your Google My Business dashboard!

Manage Multiple GMB Listings In Once Place

Final Thoughts

This is a great way to expand a business reach online but would advise keeping all these listings under one dashboard. In this way is a person leaves the practice or retires; then the GMB can be updated or removed. Otherwise it becomes extremely difficult to access the original listing.

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