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When you surf the Internet, the first impression you get from a Web site is its design.. much like a professional storefront attracts more clients. A powerful web design makes visitors want to browse your site. A professional looking web site creates a sense of trust and respect between you and your online visitors.

Your online success begins with an original, well-conceived web design. Your clients will be able to take a look and say “This is a place I can do business with!” Whether you need help launching a new web site or website redesign an existing one follow 10 point the step-guide.

1. What are the short term and long term goals for the web site?
Prepare a web development plan where you list specific goals for your web site (in the first 1 to 3 years). List the major purposes for the web site, the reasons for building one (Announce a new business, generate more online sales, create a one-of-a-kind social site?)

2. How often will you update the web site?
What types of information will be updated? Employment opportunities, monthly specials, contests, new products, updated news all should be updated periodically. Google likes fresh content.

3. Know your audience demographics.
Who you want to reach and how this will be accomplished? Be as specific as possible (age range, profession, interests, etc.) In order for your site to appeal to your primary audience, what style or “voice” will you use? Will it be conservative, hip and trendy, etc.)? Your web site designer will help you choose a web safe color scheme for the background, text and graphics. Be mindful of visitors with poor eyesight or color blindness when choosing text, background colors and graphics. Many of the most successful web sites follow a simple design rule.

4. Budget for the short-term and long-term
Short-term budgets are for getting your website up and running. A long-term budget is for post-launch expenses such as web maintenance, marketing and search engine optimization.

5. Custom photography or custom images?
Gather your assets for photography, graphics or video. If you are starting from scratch, your web designer can recommend inexpensive alternatives such as stock photos or stock video resources.

6. Targeting search engines
If there are search phrases that are popular for your product, business or industry, share these with your web designer.

7. Convey your vision
Find 3 to 5 samples of websites that you really like and say what you really like about each website.

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8. Domain names
A domain name is also known as your website address. If you are getting your domain name for the very first time, remember that your domain name does not have to be the exact name of your business. For example if your business name is Old Fashion English Hat Makers, Inc., you could have a web address that is a bit more creative such as antiqueheadgear.com

Protect your domain name and website brand by registering variations of your domain name including .net and .org domains. Your domain name should be easily identifiable, easy to explain over the phone and print on a business card. Most short names are usually taken; long names can be good if they click in someone’s mind. Also see: How to select a quality domain name

9. Web hosting
95% percent of websites are hosted on what is called a ‘shared hosting plan’ and are adequate for most business website hosting needs. The yearly cost for a typical small business website hosting plan ranges from 42.00 to 120.00 per year depending on how many years you sign-up for. (I prefer Go Daddy for their price, product and service, but there are many others to choose from)

10. Security for your website
Spam, hacking and malware prevention have become part of doing business on the web. When you sign-up for your website hosting ask about regular website backups and firewall security services. Most web hosting companies have discount partnerships for these services.

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