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Google favoring mobile over desktop search

The mobile search index over Google will contain newer, fresher content while Google version of the desktop index will be updated less frequently. Furthermore in some cases search results displayed over mobile will be completely different than those search results found on desktop.

Mobilegeddon is Here

This comes on the heels of Mobilegeddon; when back in April 2015, Google encouraged website owners to ready their web site for mobile. Google splitting its search index is also a sign of the company adapting to the paradigm shift of mobile search overtaking desktop search. A PDF copy of the report ‘How people use their devices’ can be downloaded here.

Is mobile search is more important than desktop search?

Google is now giving more weight to mobile searching which means web site owners should do the same. This means having a mobile responsive version of your website is now more important than ever.

managing mobile friendly searches

Mobile responsive websites have also presented an entirely new way for managing mobile friendly searches. Before mobile, persons looking for home remodeling in their neighborhood would have typed a mobile friendly search over Google such as, ‘Home repair service Virginia Beach’. On mobile phones people are more likely to use their mobile assistant for searching. For example; ‘Ok Google Now’ or ‘Hey Siri, show me ‘Home repair service close to me’. People will do voice searching in ways that differ from keyboard based search on mobile or desktop.


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