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Online shopping carts is the software that drives your customers shopping experience

Business owners every day are planning for a successful ecommerce website. Some are finding success, others frustration. It’s important to understand the basic differences between your choices — custom shopping cart, prepackaged cart, and template system shopping cart.

Custom Designed, Open Source Shopping Cart
A custom designed, open source shopping cart is usually a fix cost bid and costs are wide ranging depending on who you hire. If you’re processing 20 to 30 orders a week, bearing the cost of an entry-level custom cart is justified. Also see this Open Cart Ecommerce Website Design.

Advantages in having an open source shopping cart are:

~ Easily modified for any custom functionality
~ You own the cart
~ Easily to migrate
~ Can be highly optimized for search engines
~ Fast integrate custom tools and third party software applications

Disadvantages in having an open source shopping cart are:
~ Cost may be too much for small business start-ups
(If you were processing 20 or 30 orders a week bearing the cost an entry level custom cart is justified)

Prepackaged Shopping Carts
Ask if they’re using an off-the-shelf custom cart. These are pre-developed cart applications that can be purchased from third party developers. This means that hard to change source code. Most pre-packaged carts costs range from $299.00 to $2200.00 and up.

Advantages in having a prepackaged shopping cart are:
~ You own the cart
~ Is cost effective for ecommerce start-ups

Disadvantages in having a prepackaged shopping cart are:
~ Is a third party application. Support is poor or non-existent.
~ Is difficult to expand, scale or customize

Template System Shopping Carts
Many web hosting companies offer an integrated shopping solution. These shopping cart system templates are fine for starter use. They do not permit custom modifications. They are closed proprietary systems built for beginners.

Advantages in having a template system shopping cart are:
~ Inexpensive. Range from $15 to $40 per month
~ Easy to use depending on your computer skill level
~ They provide a testing ground for you to assess your online sales skills
~ Online and live support is usually pretty good for third party carts
~ They are a great place for e-commerce beginners with a limited budget

Disadvantages in having a template system shopping cart are:
~ Hard to modify for any custom functionality
~ You do not own the cart
~ Cannot be migrated
~ Cannot be optimized for search engines

If you decide to test the online waters with a template shopping cart, you’ll want to have a powerful web site presence to help drive traffic to your online products or services.

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