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Warning Signs At Yahoo!

Big changes have already taken place for Yahoo!

Warning Signs At Yahoo! | Yahoos’ small business web hosting services and the Yahoo search engine are now two different companies.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail seems to be intact for now. However it will most likely change in the near future. For example Hotmail became Live mail, then later Outlook mail.

Internet technology will continue to evolve and products that can’t keep pace will simply fade away. Because change is inevitable. Furthermore even the powerhouse companies like Google and Microsoft have abandoned hundreds of popular products having huge followings. (GooglePlus, Google Talk, Google Knoll and many others)

Own Your Email

Using free email services or social networks is easy to develop a false sense of security. Because free services like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL offer you little control. On the other hand your should consider setting up your own email address hosted through a reputable provider such as Go Daddy. ‘Obtain an email address that you can control’.

Own Your Social Networking

Do you use Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and social networks for your business? Similarly you can setup a Word Press Blog on a web hosting plan you control. For example a blog allows you may publish your posts in one place. Then ‘one-click’ share your posts to any of your social network sites. Easy!

change is inevitable

Big technology, 3rd party services can change with little or no warning. Put a plan in-place where you have complete control of your 3 most important digital assets;
1) Your website
2) Domain name
3) Email address.
Protect your assets now.

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