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Yahoo! hosting now Aabaco?

Yahoo! hosting now Aabaco? It would seem the vultures have already picked the YAHOO! bones clean. To borrow a line from ‘The Matrix’… there is no ‘YAHOO!’

Yahoo, now OATH has taken hostages

If you were amoung the unlucky few would bought, signup for your current website domain name and hosting it would appear you are behind the iron domain curtain. This means you cannot point your domain name (A Record) or NS (name servers) to another hosting company without relinquishing your Yahoo email account. So let’s say you signed up for a domain name and web site hosting with Yahoo.

Yahoo has all but disappeared

Now that Yahoo small business hosting has all but disappeared and you want to pull up tent pegs and move to Go Daddy or elsewhere; you would have to close down the Yahoo account associated with your Yahoo email. What a racket! There are some folks who have had their Yahoo email forever and a day. It is this kind of inflexibility that contributed to Yahoos’ demise. If you ware stuck in a similar situation call the professionals are VISIONEFX at (757) 619-6456 and let us help you craft a plan to help you free yourself from the Yahoo implosion and further protect your domain name.

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