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Is WIX a good website builder

Is WIX a good website builder? | WIX offers DIY, Do It Yourself website templates also known as a website builder. It provides drag and drop tools for building websites. WIX is for beginners who are looking for a low budget solution for getting a website online. If you have design skills then you can get a basic website up and running fast. The disadvantages of having a WIX website include:

1. WIX code is proprietary and cannot be moved to a different web hosting plan.
2. You are not the owner of the website. You are a web tenant.
3. A WIX website is not easily customized to include open source scripts and programming.
4. A WIX website is difficult to search engine optimize for organic Google search engine results for highly competitive keywords.

WordPress versus WIX and Square Space

Which one is the best for SEO? Learn more about this from industry marketing expert Neil Patel.

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Should you try building your own website

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Web Maintenance Support Virginia

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