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Dealing with Email Spam

I Love Email Spammers and You Should Too!

Dealing with Email Spam | Getting lots of email spam? You might be interested to know this means your web site is getting exposure on the Web. On the other hand, if you are a business that wants visitors then this is a good thing. Of course in life you have to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. Specifically in this case ‘the bad and the ugly’ is having email spammers and marketing companies finding you as well.

How Email Spammer Find You

If you are listed in Web directories and search engines, then spammers can easily find you. Belonging to any online mailing lists, newsletters and Blogs and forums  spammers and marketers are finding you through these online channels. When you own a website or multiple websites spammers will bombard your email addresses based on your web address and other email domain name address found in your web site pages.

Installing Security Scripts

You can have a web developer install security scripts in all your web forms. This type of system requires a user to enter a random code. in any web form before they hit the submit button. This helps to cuts down on most spam. Doing this however, makes it a little more difficult for someone filling out your web-based form. Also see: How to Deal with Email Spam

Using a Captcha Script

reCAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA like system designed to establish that a computer user is human. Google offers a reCAPTCHA free service that protects your site from spam and abuse.

Should You Try To Filter All Incoming Email?

As a business owner I prefer not having any blocks or hurdles between me and a potential customer.

When you have any security script installed in your web form then all it takes is one entry mistake and the form submission will fail and ask to try again. For someone who is in a hurry, prone to keyboard mistakes or has difficulty seeing their screen up close; this can be extremely frustrating. If you want customers to contact you, it’s best to keep it simple. I would rather see my daily in box filled with 100 spam emails and two new website customer inquiries than have no customer leads at all.

In Conclusion

My message to the spammers and marketers: ‘Bring it on… because I have the fastest delete keystroke in town’.


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