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How do I get Google Home to find my business?

How do I get Google Home to find my business? | Google Home or Google Home Assistant finds applicable or useful information based on what a person is asking. Google uses a number of search factors based on queries made over mobile voice search (Ok Google Now) and manual search queries entered in the Google Search box.

Quick Steps to Get Found

1. Make sure your website, blog or directly is found in Google search index.

2. Make a detailed list of search queries or questions a person would make as part of natural speech. For example this might include your phone number.

3. Build pages in an FAQ or ‘answers’ and ‘questions’ format. This is also known as ‘Schema Markup‘.

4. Use infographics and photos where appropriate. Be sure to use ‘Alt – Tag on these images. An image SEO Alt-Tag of any image on your site should describe what’s on it. Screen readers for the blind and visually impaired will read out this text and therefore make your image accessible.

5. Continually add fresh content to your website pages; especially your Q & A pages.


Be patient to see the results. Create original, useful and thoughtful pages that provide helpful information. Therefore you want your Q&A pages to convey any or all of the following. Your page content should be educational, easy to understand, entertaining and conversational. Exceptional content will yield exceptional online results.

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