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Broadcast media contributing to their own demise

Print, Television and Media Outlets are Contributing to Their Demise

Broadcast media are contributing to their demise. If Rupert Murdoch had any sense, he would fire any news person who muttered the word Facebook or Twitter. Yes, I admit it. I am a news junky. Moreover, I watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, etc. Furthermore, the talent mentions Twitter or Facebook without fail. You can set your watch to this, especially on local news channels.

Neither of these social time-sucking applications would have grown as fast in popularity if print and cable remained silent. Yet every day, I hear the newscasters repeating the mantra; “Visit our Facebook page or follow us on our custom Twitter page.

The Weakening of Websites

Every time newscasters say Facebook or Twitter, they unwittingly weaken the search engine rankings of their primary news website because they are lessening the clicks and visits to their news website. I suggest they shut them down instead of slowly killing their websites.

Free Advertising for Social Media

More importantly, newscasters provide FREE advertising to these social time-sucking Internet competitors. If you monetized the mentioning of Twitter and Facebook across television and cable channels, it would amount to billions of dollars in lost advertising revenue each year.

If you doubt that large websites advertise on television, consider the millions of ad dollars spent by Yellow Pages, Bing (Microsoft’s Internet search engine), Service Magic, Angie, Constant Contact, and many others.
Take a Stand and Stop the Madness

I can completely understand when a news story must mention Facebook as it pertains to an actual news story. However, if I were a primary stockholder in any of these networks, I would scream for casually mentioning social sites to stop. Could you imagine the national buzz it would create if a major media outlet took the lead and announced they would no longer say Facebook or Twitter? I might follow that newscast to take a stand for common sense.

Now that’s free advertising!


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