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Choosing a Website Design and Designing a Great Website

You have hired a web design company to redesign the website you have not updated since the dark ages. And after a few weeks you are ready to review the new website. And choosing a website design and designing a great website is why you work with a professional web design company that can communicate well with you and your leadership to meet the expectations that you had in the planning stages.

What do you do if you dislike your new website designs?

It does not happen often in our company, maybe 1 out of 100 projects. But at the end of the day I insure clients that we will agree together on a final design. The first step to insure a successful design acceptance begins with a great logo design.

For example, I realized that no matter what we tried to create in terms of a new website design, that having a dated logo will be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


Having a great Logo design is as IMPORTANT as the web design itself. Encourage Feedback

Ask your clients to provide URLs for websites showing the look, feel, colors and scheme that they absolutely love.

Do they like the ’57 Chevy’ look… or do they like the look of a ‘2012 Porsche’. If a client’s vision for a Porsche looks more like a Ford Escort… then it is my job to figure out how to do this.

If a client is out of town and cannot come to your office then a video meeting/ screen share over Log Me In or Web Ex is a good way to hash out creative details. If a client is local then it is always best to meet face to face.

To quote one of the founders of Huntington Ingalls…
We build good ships for a profit.
Sometimes we do not make a profit.
We build good ships…

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