How To Clear Your Browser Cache

CLEAR BROWSER CACHE FOR CHROME, FIREFOX AND MICROSOFT EDGE How To Clear Your Browser Cache | An empty cache means you are seeing the newest version of a web page. Furthermore when you visit more web pages the browser will continue to download fresh copies of everything you see on each page. Therefore you’ve forced […]

What Causes A Website to Load Slow?

Two of the most frequently asked computer questions are, ‘Why is my computer running so slow?’ and ‘Why is this website taking so long to load?’ The speed of your computer and the loading speed of a website will depend on 4 different things. Let’s take a look at each one. 1. YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER […]

Internet Explorer, the browser you love to hate

Internet Explorer, the browser you love to hate Microsoft doesn’t play well with others Though I wrote this article back in 2008, but thought it deserved to stay live on my new site so we can come back again in 10 years to find that Microsoft still doesn’t and never will play well with others. […]

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