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5 Big Reasons to Optimize Your Website 2020

5 Big Reasons to Optimize Your Website 2020. As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet. That’s a lot of websites all completing for customer attention in some form or another. Here are five important reasons to optimize your website and some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Increase your Business Name Awareness

Let’s start with the obvious, you’ve created a brand and it doesn’t exist online without views. You want your online brand to have visibility. And you also want your visitors and Google to recognize your website as a reputable place to do business. It’s simple: SEO can expose your brand to a larger audience.
Building your brand online is dependent on visibility.

2. Appear in Google Search Results

Once you complete a professional optimization of your website , you are now instructing Google and other search engines how to find you online. Your website will attract those clicks and views that costs you nothing and gains you attention. If it turns into a referral or sale all the better, because it’s virtually free marketing of your website 24/7 for free.
Investing in professional SEO is as important as your investment in your web design.

3. Build Your Online Reputation

Your brand is your reputation. I always tell clients; “When it comes to Google search results you want your listing to appear in as many search results as possible.” Customers tend to feel more comfortable doing business with a ‘name’ they have seen online before. This is known as brand reinforcement, which also builds your Google ranking.
After you optimize your website, submit your site to other online directories and business listings.

4. Your Competitors Are Optimized

When you find competitor’s website on the first page of Google again and again, then they are SEO focused. You want those first page results for your business and optimization is how you get there.
Don’t give your competitors a free ride on page one by not paying attention to your websites rankings.

5. SEO Is Constantly Changing

Search optimization is a combination of strategies and tasks, that boost your rankings and online authority. It’s the best approach for getting new online business. Today there are many new SEO methods beyond the traditional methods of organic SEO, Link building and Paid ads. Some of the new methods include; Live chat, Push notifications, and Schema mark-up. Furthermore Google is constantly making small adjustments to their search algorithm. In contrast some algorithm changes are huge such as the ‘Google Broad Core Update‘.
The long term payoff with SEO is more clicks, more traffic and increased business.


There are technical and creative considerations that can also make or break your online rankings, from structure to content. You can start by performing a search engine analysis of your website and begin fixing any issues found.  Once you’ve optimized your website it’s going to take sometime to move up in the rankings, but at least you’ll be moving in the right direction.
One thing is for certain; Good ranking can always be improved and bad ranking will always get worse.
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