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Moodle Web Design, Development | When the owners of SoftaBoard set out to find a web development company capable of developing an online education portal, they could not find anyone experienced enough to do the job. That’s why they approached VISIONEFX. They knew that the programming team at VISIONEFX was up to the challenge. This  a an educational portal developed in Moodle, a learning platform or course management system designed to help educators create effective online environments. Below are just a few of the hundreds of features the portal allows teachers to communicate with students;When searching Moodle Web Design, Development look no further than the e-commerce web design experts at VISIONEFX.

Manage Courses – Set up courses, Add students, Track progress and Upload files
Activities – Use assignments to assess, Student / Teacher discussion in forums, Test students with a quiz
Browse photos for SoftaBoard info page, Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Crawford University and images of student/ educator pages.

Project Info

Project Features

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Tagline branding
  • Advanced sub domain management
  • Moodle framework
  • Moodle customization
  • Custom programming

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