Great Design Elevates Web Sites Above The Rest

How to clearly communicate your message

Whether you’re on TV or the Web, you are one simple click away from a lost opportunity. Good design is essential whether you’re creating a church newsletter or developing a multi-million dollar ad campaign for TV. Try this at home, turn your TV to a news channel like CNN then mute the sound. Do the visuals communicate without sound? News channels rely on the visuals to tell their stories. The same is true for the Web. The only exception is that the Web is user driven. And the reason great design elevates web sites above the rest is because your concept conveys who you are.

Your Web site is  your storefront  and advertisement to the world

This means your web site visitor must click and navigate around your Web site to browse information. Does your navigation “read” well? Do your photos and graphics communicate quickly and clearly? If not, vistors might be passing over your website. Design is your visuals to  successfully selling your product to the public. Make sure the design invites, informs and intrigue’s.

 What about template Web site services?

Companies that offer template Web services are fine for businesses on a shoestring budget, but be advised, what you see is not necessarily what you get. These are “closed template” systems that do not offer much scale in terms of customization. That means your Web site will have a cookie-cutter appearance that does little to help you stand out among your competitors. These Web sites are a breeding ground for bad design, especially when it comes to typography. Use of type styles by itself is one of the purist forms of design.

Whats your goal?

Get online and look at your competitors. Make a list of goals that you wish to achieve with your new web site or your website redesign. Prioritize your list and invite multiple companies to bid for your project. Ask questions such as: Does your price include multiple design concepts? If so, how many designs and revisions am I allowed? In the end, you want a web site that you can talk about enthusiastically and take great pride in.

Sometimes 2 Business Websites are Necessary

If you have a business that is multi-faceted then create a website for those parts of your businesses. Don’t try and cram 20 pounds in a 5 pound sack. Having a website that is dedicated to specific products or areas of your business helps to diversify your online presence in a meaningful and organized way.

After all, it’s you storefront 24/7 on the Internet.

About the Author
Rick Vidallon is President of Visionefx, a Web design company based in Virginia Beach, Va. VISIONEFX provides services to national companies as well as small to medium businesses throughout the United States. Rick can be reached at (757) 619-6456 or

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Visionefx President Ricardo Vidallon has been in the creative business of design advertising, branding, marketing, cable broadcast, animation and the World Wide Web for more than three decades.

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