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VISIONEFX | The Web Design Resource Articles section was created to be a reliable and professional source of information and inspiration for the field of interactive media. Directed toward web designers, web masters and search engine optimization specialists, this section combines news and feature articles which explore the creative and technical aspects of successful interactive media projects.

As part of the web design and development community, VISIONEFX consistently strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions that turn dry, boring online content into easy to navigate, fun to use, high impact, professional looking pages. We stay up on our trade in various ways, including web and print articles, and we hope our Resource section helps you stay on top too.

VISIONEFX posts articles about web design, logo design, graphics, user navigation, usability, standards, search engine optimization, web content writing, grassroots marketing, creativity, advertising and much more.

Our goal on the World Wide Web is to design web sites with logical architecture, intuitive friendly navigation, creative aesthetic layout, and powerful presentation that enhance the user experience. If you have related articles of interest, please send them to us today for review and posting in our web site.

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If you have a website or publish a blog, there’s a new function in Google that will display your Google Profile
photo appear in search results.
project planning related information

Web Design, Online Branding, Graphic Design and Logo Design

Why can’t I find my website in Google search results?
5 things you should be doing to increase your position on Google

Google continues to change the way your website get found in searches.
Here’s how to prepare for these changes and improve your results.

Does Google look for fresh content when ranking a website?
Yes, but this is the wrong question to ask. A smart business owner would ask; 'How can I get customers to find my website when looking for goods, content, services and advice?

How do I know if a web design company is quoting me a fair price?
Here's determine a fair market value price quoted for your web design project.

Recent and on-going changes in Google search has made it tougher to compete online
Here's how to stay ahead of the competition and get found amongst giants in Google Search Results

ASP Mail Form Script for Sending Form-mail to Exchange Server on Host My Site
S etting up a mail form script on a Windows server that send form mail contents to email hosted in an external Microsoft Exchange server.

Mail form script in classic ASP to send form mail on Network Solutions Windows hosting
Network Solutions, now a Web.com company does not provide web developer support for mail form scripts. Find form-mail scripts here written by our programmers.

Mail form script in classic ASP, Send form mail on Go Daddy Windows hosting
Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for a form email using Go Daddy's' internal form processing. Sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow. Below is a script that our programmer created that works like a charm.

Build your own web site businesses want to help you build your small business web site. Before you you sign up, here's what you need to know.
Now that the Yellow pages has gone the way of the buggy whip (Though I keep on handy for propping up my grand-daughter at the Sunday dinner table) smart business owners know not to cut corners when it comes to their website..

Hummingbird is Google's new search engine algorithm
The Internet has been buzzing about Hummingbird, Google’s latest change to how it handles search queries. Here’s what this change means to you and your business.

Growth Plan for your New Website
Trump competitors over Google, Better SEO and GOOGLE PAGE RANK, Using SOCIAL MEDIA, Mobile pages and more.

Have you ever wondered why your PDF or Word document validations behave differently on different browsers and computers?
Form validations fall under two primary categories: Client-side control and Server-side

How to Create a Start Point on You Tube Video, Edit You Tube Video
Have you ever wanted to add a start point on your You Tube Video? Read here and learn how you do it.

Mobile Website Pages, Viewing Your Website Over iPhone's, Android and Tablets
With so many new phone and tablet devices coming to market viewing issues will continue to be an on-going challenge.

Word Press CMS v. Joomla CMS Helping You Decide Which is Better
If you choose to go with Word Press CMS or Joomla CMS this can generally add $1500 to $2100 providing if you develop your website as a 'custom website design'.

Web sites look different on different browsers and computer screens
Type of browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire Fox Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others render images and text differently, so to say that text and images will look different, sharper, fuzzier, brighter from browser to browser.

Choosing a Website Design and Designing a Great Website
You have hired a web design company to redesign the website you have not updated since the dark ages. And after a few weeks you are ready to review the new website designs.

Google Offers
Google Offers matches your business with thousands of relevant customers in your area looking for amazing deals on great places to eat, shop and play. See why businesses are interested in partnering with Google Offers.

How to Find the Right Website Design Vendor
Some of you may have tried to unsuccessfully part ways with your web company, web designer or web hosting company, only to find that that owns your web site assets and website domain name lock, stock and barrel? Here are some important tips to remember, to prevent this from
happening to you.

Plan a Great Website to have a Great Website
Whether you are a kitchen table business, small business or a Fortune 500 company, the rules for designing a great website are the same. Following is our helpful web designing task list to help you build a great, successful website.

Advice for Designing Your Website
Many business owners have consider using large U.S. based big box web design companies or any number of off-shore web design companies because of the low prices they offer. Let us not forget what our parents taught us: you get what you pay for.

Web site Design Services in Virginia
No matter how you search for 'Web design, Web designers, Web development, Web design companies, Web design firms and/or Web design services in Virginia ... chances you'll find VISIONEFX a Virginia based web development and custom database provider.

Building a Mobile Version of your Website
Here's the skinny for mobile and other hand-held (non-laptop) devices.
Most website's will display fine in mobile or smaller screens. In other words they will at least appear in the screen, but not necessarily easy to use, read or navigate.

At Visionefx it is our philosophy that the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT in any website is the 'QUALITY OF PAGE CONTENT'. In this respect a website is much like a best selling book.
We have re-posted a recent 2011 article from Google that supports our creative and technical philosophy and to help all of you fine tune your own website for better ranking and placement.

Be Careful When Editing Your Website
I had a client who had been updating its website for nearly a year. They added over 100 pages of content and new web pages to enrich their website and their Google search engine results.

Branding is in the Mind of the Beholder
Website owner's who tweak or dabble in the design by updating their own websites are sending a clear message to their website audience; that they do not put any value on the appearance of their website.

What is the Best Web Programming Software?
Windows programmers and Linux programmers will never agree on which software application or development framework is the best. Here's a closer look on deciding which software works best for you.

Why They Call a Web Page a Web 'Page'
A collection of web pages is typically called a website. There are good reasons why we should call it a Web Book, but I guess "website" just sounds more hip.

Planning Your Website's Success and Avoiding Online Catastrophe
Many business owners who hire me have found that the bitterness of poor web performance lingers a lot longer than the sweet price they were lured into.

What Causes My Website to Load Slowly?
The loading speed of your website on your web browser is affected by more internal and external forces than you can imagine.

Website Width Matters As Technology Marches Forward
Website flat screen monitors are now the office standard. Does your website display well in these wide screen formats or does it look more like a mailing label?

What Makes a Great Logo Design?
Logos are like any other form of advertising. They carry a message and communicate a brand to the public.

Google Acquires Video Mapping Startup
A company that specializes in video mapping technology is now owned by a certain search giant. Quiksee revealed yesterday that it's been purchased by Google, although the two companies have kept many other details under wraps.

How to Prepare Your Website Development Plan
You have just had a brainstorm for a new website and it's going to be a new concept that could potentially be bigger than Face book! Preparing a well defined list of what you want your website to do will help you find the best web development company that meets all your needs and your budget.

Saving Money Using Freelance Programmers Will Cost Big Money in the Long Run You might save a little money here and there but you will end up with a real birds nest of a website.

Really Cool Gallery Effects Using Java Script without using Flash
We avoid using Flash for two very important reasons;
a) Flash is not search engine friendly, so unless there is a compelling reason to use it; we don't.
b) In most cases our clients cannot edit Flash so they cannot edit their text or images. With a little instruction and patience some of our clients have learned to edit/ manage their own Java Script photos and edit.

Steps to Planning a New Website or Redesigning an Existing Website
A well thought-out web design plan will result in a long-term successful and meaningful website. The purpose of this article is to help you to ask the right questions to get the best results.

A Review of Website Template Systems
Examples of template website systems include Intuit Websites, Go Daddy web site builder, Site Cube and many others.

Friends don’t let friends design
Most anyone can draw a straight line, but only an artist knows when to draw it crooked. Here are some things to consider when you choose to design their own logo and website.

Customize Your Google Local Business Listing to Stay Ahead of the Competition
A new feature is called Place Pages for Google Maps, and it allows people to view your basic business information, ratings, reviews, related maps, nearby transit and even a look at your business on Street View in Google Maps - all in one snap-shot view

York County Ecommerce Grant Program for Website Design and Development
The York County E-Commerce Grant Program is a partnership of the York County Economic Development Authority and Office of Economic Development. The program was created to encourage e-commerce development of York County's private businesses.

Hampton Ecommerce Grant Program for Website Design and Development
The Hampton IDA along with the assistance of the Hampton Department of Economic Development has created a E-Commerce Grant Program aimed at assisting Hampton businesses in order to optimize productivity, marketing and technology plans that will assist in retaining and growing employment, and business profitability.

A Solid Marketing Approach for Redesigning Your Website
There are many things to consider when you redesign your website. Leveraging your content, knowledge and expertise are of primary importance.

Deconstruct and Rebuild Your Website
Redesigning of your website is all about understanding your audience and your medium in order to improve your Internet presence.

Designing Websites Using Web Safe Colors, Safe Hexadecimal Color Codes
When designing or redesigning a web site, it's best to choose colors from the color palette sets below known as a web-safe palette.

Guidelines for Web Credibility
Stanford has compiled 10 guidelines for building the credibility of a web site. These guidelines are based on three years of research that included over 4,500 people.

Why You Should Leave Editing and Design to the Professionals
Design is advertising and advertising is design. Design is not simply graphics, shapes, and pretty colors. Think text, layout and typeface. It's all part of the design package.

Accentuate the Positive. Forget the negative
I have noticed that there has been a new crop of broadcast media ads that do a miserable job in hawking the clients’ products and services. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

The Website WOW Factor
The measure of success – the difference between a killer website design and a standard, ho-hum website design, is the WOW factor.;

What Separates Visionefx from other web design companies?
Every so often I am asked the following questions by prospective new clients; What makes our web design services different from other companies? What sets us apart?

Cool Menus Not Working - Browser Check Script for Cool Menus 3, Cool Menus 4
With the release of IE 7 (Internet Explorer 7) many web masters were pulling their hair out trying to figure out why their Cool Menus 3 and 4 navigation scripts were not working.

Building an Online Business with a Shoestring Budget
You have a great idea, service or product. Now it's time to build a website and realize your dream.

Freelance Web Designer vs Web Design Company
A fair amount of our clients find Visionefx after wasting a few thousand dollars or a few months (whichever comes first) with a web designer that has left them angry and frustrated.

Trends in browser resolutions and usage statistics
Staying on top of the ever-changing browser world is not easy, but it's key to outstanding web site design.

Viral Marketing and New Business
If you're depending on a sole source, such as search engines, to generate new leads and new business, you're on dangerous ground.

How To Know When It's Time To Redesign Your Logo
Logos are like any other form of advertising. They have a shelf life. All major companies have changed their logo to some degree over the years, i.e., Proctor and Gamble, Westinghouse, General Motors, Ford, Coke, McDonalds and many others.

Finding a Professional Web Designer or Web Design Company
Your web site is your storefront window on the World Wide Web. It must grab the viewer's attention and be clear, all in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, it's onto the next site listed on the search engine.

Are Inexpensive Web Site Templates Worth The Cost?
So you took the bait and signed up for your first hosting plan that includes a Web site. Your newly acquired hosting plan probably has a programmed plug-and-play template system.

Understanding Search and Design
If you are entertaining the idea of launching a new Web site or having one redesigned, you need to understand the balance between 'search and design' and how this affects your website.

Great Design Elevates Web Sites Above The Rest
This rule applies to everyone -- from the lofty creative director to the junior designer to the boss who employs them.

Validation Isn't Everything
Like it or not, industry jargon often coughs up terms that become buzzwords.

How To Choose Your Website Colors
Color is often overlooked in the business of optimizing websites for better returns on investments. Website sales can be greatly affected by simply changing its colors.

Web Site Accessibility and Web Standards
Most website commissioners are not interested in Web Standards or Web accessibility - that is clear from the results of DRC Research carried out in the UK in 2004.

Some ways to make or break your website
Professional appearance. Most sites do not really need flashes or amazing visuals just for the sake of using them like all the others are doing.

Site Planning is Crucial!
If you are thinking about, or you are in the process of creating a new site, you will most definitely find this article interesting and maybe even inspiring.

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Two Websites
Every small business owner knows that they need a website, right? Well the truth is what they really need is at least two websites.

Acrobat PDF and Web-based Forms Becoming More Popular
There's bad news for Parker, Cross and Bic. More and more computer users are typing directly onto electronic forms and foregoing the pen or pencil.

Social Networking, Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing

Should I Add a Forum to My Website?
Are there any advantages to adding a forum or blog on my website?

Thinking About Starting Blog?
You do not need a blog to have a successful website. But creating a blog will not hurt. But if you are not willing to dedicate lots of time and attention to your blog, then a blog can do more harm than good to your business.

Avoid Getting Scammed and Ripped Off by Search Engine Marketing Scams
Search engine marketers are trolling the Web for easy prey. Here's how to recognize the 5 Red Warming Flags for these huckster's so you don't get fleeced.

When and When Not to Use Face book for Your Business
Too many business have blindly followed others into social networking white water. If you have no plan or experience then doing this is simply a waste of time while a well planned 'social use
strategy' will often yield good results.

Removing a Negative Comments in Google Search Results
Many people, companies, businesses and organizations have found themselves or are the victims of negative postings on 'Complaint Websites

How to Insert an Image, Photo in Google Blogger
Inserting an image, photo or graphic such as a chart is very to do in Google Blogger

Print, Television and Media Outlets are Contributing to Their Own Demise
If Rupert Murdoch had any sense he would fire any news person who muttered the word Face book or Twitter.

I Love Email Spammers and You Should Too!
If you are getting lots of spam emails then you might be interested to know that this means you or your website are getting found easily on the Web.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Face book for your Business
By conducting most of your business on Face book you weakening the power of your website.

What is the best Email Marketing System?
Email marketing management applications are a great way to keep in contact with your current and potential clients, as well as gather new business leads.

Google TV
Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Watch an overview video below and learn more about how to develop for Google TV.

The Truth about ‘Getting to the Top of Google’ Scams
What can you do about scammers who promise top Google rankings but fail to deliver the goods?

Top Google ranking in Google's organic results is important for all business websites. Scammers send emails, faxes and even phone calls promising Google ranking nirvana. Here are some examples.

Claim Your Google Side Wiki
Google Side Wiki is a new Google Toolbar Feature that helps you to build communities around your web site with one click.

Doing Business on Social Networking Sites is a Prescription for Failure
All the hours you spend building your social networking pages for business purposes could fall by the wayside someday. Either the fad site you are using will fade or become passé, or external forces will monkey wrench your success.

Check and Double Check Your Website Functionality
We live in a world of ever changing technology and some of these changes can adversely impact your website.

How to deal with email spam

Dealing with email spam is like putting up with house flies and picnic ants -- it comes with the territory. And if you have a wide web presence, the spam will come in droves.

Visual On-Page Branding
Here are a few simple things you can do to help call attention to your listings on search engine pages. In this short article we are going to take a close look at the web page 'title-tag' and 'description tag'.

Be A Proactive Webmaster, Work Your Website
Every day, hundreds of thousands of business owners ask themselves, "Why is my website not on page one of Google?, Why am I not getting more email inquiries? and Why am I not getting more traffic?"

Optimizing PDF's for Search Engines, Optimize PDF Documents
Leverage PDF's For Better Web Results

There's Marketing Gold All Around Your Business
Leverage Seminars, Videos, Commercials For Better Web Results

Defending Against Damaging Blogs Targeting You
The blogoshere is reshaping thousands of communications departments around the world because of its power to help or harm businesses and individuals.

Local 'Business Online Listings' Can Increase Your Traffic
Sales on the Internet are projected to reach $116 billion in 2007. If you have a business and a Web site, you need to grab a piece of that pie, or a bigger share than you're getting.

Using RSS in Your Web Pages
Wikipedia defines RSS as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or pod casts.

Problems With Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Have People Seeing Red
Clients calling me to ask if they should install the new Internet Explorer 7; and clients calling me screaming for help because they downloaded it and are not happy with the results.

Spam Wars: Fighting Email Spam with Spam Filters
Have you ever wondered how those odd-ball emails make their way into your in-box?

Understanding Web Statistics Can Increase The Bottom Line
One of the most important Web site statistics is often the one most frequently misread by Web site owners and unwary webmasters.

Free 'Business Web Listings' Can Increase Your Visibility 10-Fold
You can skip this article if you're profit margins are sky high and your new customer pipeline is so packed you're turning people down.

10 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Mass Media
Never rely on search engine traffic to support the bulk of your marketing efforts. The risk of doing this a greater than you think.

Branding, Concept, Communication and Focus Testing
I've seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly of Web site design. And the more I analyze what's on the Web, the sadder I get, because the Web has become open game for Web site designers with bad taste and no plan.

Get Your Emails Delivered
Deliverability is today's biggest issue for every email marketer. Email marketers face deliverability problems because of email over load.

Brand your business
Branding is more than just product recognition inherent in the printed materials that they may be using. It is actually the overall impression, both intellectual and emotional, that people will have about your company, products and services.

Creating Extreme Loyalty: Speaking of Long-Term Motivation
Stockbrokers base their success on making their clients money. Or maybe not. The following story is one of many similar tales I've heard from brokers over the years.

What Does Your Image Communicate?
You have two seconds to convey one of your most important messages -- your image. According to a recent Harvard study, that's how long it takes most people to form a strong opinion about someone they've just met.

Web Marketing and Traditional Advertising are more Effective with Proper Branding
Which is better? Direct mail campaigns versus Email campaigns, Print/billboard ads versus Web banner ads? Broadcast/radio commercials versus Pod casts/Webcasts? Newspaper/magazine ads versus electronic newsletters/Blogs?

Competing Against Big Budget Web Sites Is Easier Than You Think?
Millions of Web sites are elbowing each other every day for search engine position. Many of them belong to big businesses with big marketing budgets.

Marketing an Online Business
Marketing an online business is quite different to offline marketing. Once you know what some of the differences are you can figure out more effective ways and means of marketing your business online.

How Google Could Ultimately Squash Face book
Google needs to provide an untapped wealth of information that is literally right under their feet! Here's how.
Google Yahoo MSN and Search Engine Optimization
Should I put Links in My Website? Does this Help to Get Me Seen on Google?
A link inside your website pointing or (hyperlinked) to another 3rd party website such as Health Grades, Your Tube, Yellow Book, Find Law, Face book and so on is telling Google that you think another website is important.

How to Prepare Your Website for Semantic Search Changes on Google, 3
simple rules to follow

Many business website owners are worried about loosing their website ranking or page placement on Google, in light of recent news regarding Google's implementation of Semantic Search.

Are Online Website Ranking Tools and Website Grade Reports Accurate?
Using website rating tools such as Hub pages, Seo Moz tools, Website Grader or Woo Rank.

How To Ask Google to Remove the Malicious Warning
What To Do When Google, Search Engines and Website Browsers show a Warning that your website is Malicious.

The Adventures of Google Baby ( 1st installment )

Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes and Amit Singhal
Google's search leaders Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes and Amit Singhal give you an inside look on how search works, share stories on what it has been like to work together over the past decade, and discuss where they see search

Google has launched a new effort to send window decals to over 100,000 local businesses in the U.S. that have been the most sought out and researched on Google.com and Google Maps called "Favorite Places on Google".

How to Get Websites Seen on the First Page of Google
An explanation and visual demonstration for successful methods used to get found over search engines by having 'product specific search' and/or 'product-city' specific pages deployed in a website.!

How do I get my website on page 1 of Google?
There is no guarantee for getting in the top 10 of Google, but there are definitely some ways to help make that happen!

Tune-up Your Website for Google’s New Search Engine
Sometime after this new year Google will roll-out a new algorithm to improve search results a.k.a as Caffeine. Here are some things you can do to be sure that your website is ready.

Have You Achieved Landmark Icon Status for Your Business in Google Maps?
If yes, it’s a good indicator that Google’s algorithms consider you to be a “prominent business.

Optimizing Video for the web
Search engine results are becoming more important every day as more people use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information.

Google Webmaster Seminar, Google Webmaster Webinars
Lauren Dolymer of Google Inc., along with Google engineers' Adam Lasnik and Fred Vallaeys conducted a webmaster Webinar earlier this month Nov. 13, 2009. Below is a follow-up to the participants Q&A session.

Create Your Own Google Custom Map for Your Business
Build a custom Google map for your business locations.

Announcing a Big Change to the Google Search Engine Code named 'Caffeine'
Google is actively planning big changes in their search engine process that will push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.

Using the New Local Google Dashboard to Drive Business to Your Website
Your account now has a new interface designed to show you more about how customers interact with your verified business listing.

Publishing Articles for Search Engine Optimization Purposes
As a member of EzineArticles.com I recently I received a monthly performance summary of my article activity.

Building High Quality Web Pages, News from Google's Matt Cutts
"Inside of Google, at least inside the search ranking team, we don't really think about brands. We think about words like 'trust' 'authority' 'reputation' 'Page Rank' 'high quality'.

Optimizing Video for Google
In a few months, we will discontinue support for uploads to Google Video. Don't worry, we're not removing any content hosted on Google Video - this just means you will no longer be able to upload new content to the service.

How Can We Get Our Website to Come Up More to the Front of Google?
This question is always asked by people having existing website or when launching a new website.

How-To Google Videos
Watch great Google How-To-Videos presented by Google's brain-trust. These videos offer instruction for helping you obtain better ranking and position for your website.

How to Optimize Your Website for Local Searches
Get your website listed on Microsoft LIVE SEARCH for Enhanced Local Results

Ramp-Up Your Google Local Business Listing

Optimize so your local business listing on Google Local Business to stay on top for local search.

Really Cool Search Engine Analysis Tools
Compare your web results across Google's World Wide data centers! Compare your website page position across Google, Yahoo and MSN Visually see how Google and Yahoo references your website's listing across other links and it's page/position placement.

Google GEO Targeting Tools
Learn how Google geo-targets web sites in their search results locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - how it can help your website.

1-800-GOOG-411: Connect with Local Businesses for Free from your Phone
Explore neighborhoods at street level - virtually

Google leads the pack with more innovations
Explore neighborhoods at street level - virtually

Google Introduces Major Interface and Algorithm Update
With Google's universal search, every time you conduct a search, Google checks across all of its search properties - web, image, video, news etc - and presents a single unified results page, that incorporates the most relevant content.

Stick To Fundamentals For Outstanding Search Engine Optimization
How do search engines find your website, and how does your website find its way into search engines?

Search Engine Optimization Services in Virginia
I do not provide prospective clients recommendations on how we'll help raise their search engine presence; rather I show them the results of our work.

Google's New Patent Translated
There is always great interest within the search engine marketing community whenever a search engine files for a patent. This is especially true for Google, which just recently released a patent application for a system and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results.

How Google Determines the Importance of a Web Site
"Every time you create a *," Google founder Larry Page told the hushed audience, and#8220;you've created a citation. But if you just try to count citations on the Web, which is what a lot of search engines do, you run into problems. " The important of a web site, particularly a web page, is based on the sum of all pages *linking to it. That if Yahoo linked from their homepage to your homepage that's a big deal."

Search Engine Optimization Resources
A great list of search engine tools for the savvy webmaster or the search engine optimization newbie.

Understanding Search Engines Generates Higher Web Rankings
As people continue to do more business and research over the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) firms are scratching their heads wondering how to achieve great rankings for their Web clients.

Rant and Rave About Google
I recently purchased a book called "The Search" by John Battelle that explores how Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture.

Who's Googling you now?
If you own an online business or have a business web site, did you know it's easy to find out who's Googling you or your site in real-time.

Researching Your Web Site Popularity
How does your web site traffic compare to your competitors? How does your site stack up against your competitors in terms of popularity and number of pages indexed? It's easy to find this out.

Customize Your Google News to Stay Ahead of the Competition
I recently read an interesting article on Matt Cutts' Blog. Matt is an engineer at Google and is known as The Google Guy.

Google and the Orion Algorithm
Google Inc. has acquired "Orion" search engine technology from an Australian university that last year described the product as potentially revolutionary.

Truths and Myths to Google Page Rank Tool Bar
Search engines assign a value to your web site based on the hyperlinks pointing to it. The most popular term for this kind of ranking is called "Page Rank".

Google Jagger Update
There has been a major update of Google's ranking algorithm, changing the way the search engine orders search results. Atul Gupta of RedAlkemi discusses the consequences for webmasters...

SEO For Dummies; How to Choose the right Firm for You
Ok, so you've finished your web site. Now you just submit your web site to a couple of search engines, sit back, relax and wait to see your bank account grow.

Why Do The Search Engines Change Their Minds?
One of the common questions that come up time after time on forums is , "why do the search engines keep changing their minds about what they want".

The Insanity of Page Rank
There are two primary factors that determine the success of a website today -- content and traffic.

TCC Search Engine Analysis
A current review and evaluation of Tidewater Community College’s online presence in Google’s search engine reveals less than a 22% penetration for popular and common search phrases relating to TCC classes, courses and services.

Hyperlink Formatting
A Few Smart Moves to Increase Traffic on your Website
How would you establish a shopping store's popularity? Simply by the number of footfalls .i.e. the number of people visiting it.

Broken Hyperlinks Will Hurt Your Search Engine Results
Search engine results are becoming more important every day as more people use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information.

So You Want to Trade Website Hyperlink Information. Why?
We see them everyday in our in box."

The Art and Science of HyperLinks
Ever wonder how to build incoming hyperlink information to your website?

6 Simple Ways Writing Articles Will Improve Your Popularity and Increase Visitors to Your Web Site for Free - Article writing and distribution creates free one way incoming back to your web site.

Get Blogging with Word Press and HostMySite
Many Visionefx web site clients have chosen HostMySite as their preferred web hosting provider. If HostMySite is your provider take a few minutes to setup your free web site blog!

ECPI Web Design Internships
Tomorrow's outstanding web designers are in college today. And that's where you'll find Virginia web design company Visionefx, hosting talented collegiate interns.
Web Hosting Website Hosting and Ecommerce Hosting Plans
Primer for Online Ecommerce Shopping Carts
Supplement to 'Understanding Ecommerce Shopping Carts'.

Understanding Online Shopping Carts
If you are planning to open an online ecommerce store it is important to understanding the basic differences in ‘custom shopping carts’, ‘pre-packaged carts’ and ‘template system shopping cart’ applications in regards to your budget and business plan.

Selecting a Quality Domain Name
When you're ready to launch your web site and you're trying to select a good domain name, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

How to Find a Great Web Hosting Company
There are thousands of Web hosting companies that claim to be the best deal on the Net or the cheapest deal for the money.

Longer Domain Registration Can Increase Search Engine Listings
Google recently filed United States Patent Application 20050071741. As part of that patent application, Google made apparent its efforts to wipe out search engine spam.

Guard Your Domain Name, Hosting and Web site
I have had web clients ask me to sign them up for hosting and register their domain name. This is all fine, but what happens if I get hit by a freight train?

Monitor Your Website
Web sites are a primary communications tool. They are 24-hour commercials, and businesses must treat them as such.
Web Directories Website Directories Blogs and Niche Directories
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and its Invisible Members Directory
The local Chamber has lost site of the most powerful advertising medium today. The Internet.

Provide a Value-Added Service to Appease the Google Gods
If you are interested in improving your google search engine rankings and your page rank you must make sure that you are doing exactly what Google wants you to do.

Why Directories Are Important
Directories should play a major role in your SEO efforts, well, at least the big and important ones, for the following reasons:

What is Google Base?
Got something you want the world to see? Google Base is Google's database into which you can easily submit all types of content.

Blogs Are A Great Tool For Influencing The Search Engines
Blogs are becoming a widely used devices for publishing information on the web.

Webmaster Information


How To Disable Java in Your Browser, How To Disable Java on Your Computer

Using a CMS or Content Management System to Manage Your Website

How To Embed Your You tube Video into Google Maps

What is a Content Management system (CMS)?

Owning Your Own Software is far better than using 3rd party solutions a.k.a 'Off-the-shelf Software

Saving PDF Rotated View

Change your default Save As folder in Office

Web Design
Automation Manufacturers
Great website resources for creative inspiration-

GUIStuff.com - Free Graphical User Interfaces
GUIStuff offers free web designs and tools for creating website add-ons.

Abipo Web Design Northern Ireland specializes in professional web design and internet services such as custom web design, domain name registration, hosting, online shop / eCommerce, search engine optimisation, SSL, encryption, maintenance and update and redesign of existing websites.

Web Design

SEO Specialist
Las Vegas SEO, marketing specialist.

Communication Arts
Inspiration for the field of interactive media.

Creative Hotlist
Online application for connecting talent, companies
Tips for Planning Your Ecommerce Website Ecommerce Planning
Web Design 101 Learning What To and What Not To Do Web Design 101
Website Project Planning Tips
Project Planning
Website Redesign Portfolio Web site Redesign
Learn More About Optimizing Your Website for the Major Search Engines Search Optimization
Web design, web hosting and SEO marketing resources.

Internet Marketing Company
909 marketing is an professional internet marketing company & advertising frim India offers full internet marketing services & complete search engine optimization solutions

Data Entry India VINR Corp is Offshore Outsourcing Company in India. VINR provides all Data Entry Services like Data Capturing, Data Conversion & Enrichment, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Processing, OCR / Scanning.

Optimised web design Scotland SEO-Insite.co.uk - Optimised web design, SEO and site redesign

Web Templates
Layout Bank offers psd, flash and web templates

Directory of USA web designers, flash designers

Web Design Companies

Seo Software Hosting Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Web Marketing Services
Web Design Directory
Virginia beach VA Web Design
Web Hosting Reviews at FindMyHost.com
Marketing Terms.com - Internet Marketing Reference
EzineArticles.com Platinum Author
Rick Vidallon - SearchWarp.com

Founding Author!
How To Do Things
Grerat Website Resources
3d Architectural Renderings
Global 3D Arts has been working in this way with architects and developers for over 20 years.

Website Traffic

Email Verifier
Mail Verifier - Check validity of email addresses

Business Card Software
Design business card, print on your order

Dedicated Web Hosting
UK Web hosting solutions

Web Design Perth Australia
#1 Web Page Design and Development Internet MarketingSEO

Ohio Web Design and Web Hosting - Columbus Web Site Development
Ohio based company custom web design

Resource directory for film, television and video

Web Design in Spain|Diseņo web Valencia
Web Design in Spain. Search Engine Optimization

Frontpage WebsiteTemplates
High quality and affordable templates

Web Design Templates
Extensive Professional Templates

HOT! Web Designers
US web design service directory on the Net!

Toronto Web Design, Web Hosting and SearchEngine Optimization: design and program your web site to interact with customers.

Help Desk Software
Parature offers Help Desk software solution for customer relationship.

Freelance Design
Graphic and Web Designers Directory

Web Design Showcase Interactivewebsites Web Design Showcase

Webdesigners Directory
National directory of web designers

Webmaster Directory Network

Free Scripts and databases

The International FILM, TV and AD Production Directory
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